Our Sound

The Riff Kats play a mix of recognizable Blues standards along with a surprising collection of under the radar crowd pleasers that set them apart from the run of the mill Blues Band.


Mike Sarad: 

Keyboards.  Worked his way through school playing clubs in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Saw the light and played with bands Formerly Blue and Rockfish from the late 90’s through the 2000’s. Hammond organ influences: Jimmy Smith, Steve Winwood, and Skip Konte.

Wallace Kent:

Has performed in a variety of musical genres on rock & jazz drum set, Latin and classical percussion, and is a commercial pianist.

Matt Sarad:

Acoustic & electric guitar, and lap steel. Former member of numerous rock, country, Celtic & jazz bands including duos, trios and solo guitar gigs.

Bob Smith:

Riff Kats bassist and veteran of many musical projects over the years … a rocker in his youth, “Dr.” Bob has played hard rock, classic rock, psychedelic and surf through the years. His passion is for the blues and vamp jams … he simply loves to make music.

Corey Miller:

Grew up in Porterville, CA. Sang in Musical Stage productions and choir at Porterville College during his teens and then didn’t sing in public again until joining a classic rock band at the ripe old age of 57. Was recruited by and joined the Riff Kats a year later.