Our Sound

The Riff Kats play a mix of recognizable Blues standards along with a surprising collection of under the radar crowd pleasers that set them apart from the run of the mill Blues Band.


Mike Sarad – Keyboards

Mike worked his way through school playing California clubs in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Saw the light and played with bands Formerly Blue and Rockfish from the late 90’s through the 2000’s. Hammond organ influences include Jimmy Smith and Skip Konte.

Wallace Kent – Drums

Update – Wallace is moving to Palm Springs for a 5 nite per week solo piano gig. We’re wishing him all the best in his new endeavor. Currently auditioning for a replacement.

Wallace has performed in a wide variety of musical genres from Rock and Jazz to Latin and Classical. From 1974 to 2002 he served as a Symphonic Percussionist with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his skills behind the drums, Wallace is an exceptional pianist.

Matt Sarad – Guitar

Matt plays acoustic & electric guitar and lap steel with The Riff Kats. Always looking for the next gig, Matt is consistently performing with one of his many bands. His past experience includes numerous rock, country, Celtic, and jazz bands including trios, duos, and solo guitar performances.


Pending Announcement. New bassist interviews in progress.

Xavier Ruiz – Vocalist/Harp

The addition of respected west coast vocalist and accomplished harp player Xavier Ruiz in the summer of 2023 sets the table for the Riff Kats unique blending of recognizable and under the radar blues.